What we do to be the most sustainable neon company

Our strategy to reduce the impact we have on our planet is 3-fold. First we reduce the amount of new synthetic materials we bring into circulation. Second we extend the life cycle of the products we sell. Third we take joint responsibility to make sure our products get recycled properly at the end of their life cycle. This way we can assure that our neon lights are the most sustainable on the market.

Reducing usage of new synthetic materials. An LED neon light consists of primarily 4 components: a backplane, an LED strip, a silicon tube and electrical wiring. The backplane is the largest synthetic part of the product. We offer 3 different type of backplanes. Conventionally only acrylic is used, we also offer this option, soon we will be able to offer this from a mixture of 50% recycled acrylic and 50% new acrylic. This results in minor impurities in the product, but we think that this is a trade-off worth to make. Next to this we offer the use of 100% recycled plastic sheets. These sheets are made from PP plastic that is saved from a landfill, we have several different color options, click here for pictures and more information arrow_outward. And third for some smaller designs we offer used skate decks as backplane, at the moment the supply of these decks is still limited. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, we are flexible and will try our best to accommodate to your needs.

Since we have such a large selection of products and configuration combinations we don't hold stock and make every product to order. This also ensures that we won't end up with redundant stock that we need to dispose of.

We also offer rental options on selected party decorations in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are still looking for local partners in different European countries. By offering this we can reduce bringing products into circulation that may only be used once or twice.

Extending the life-cycle of our products. LED's have a finite lifespan. When they have reached their end of life we offer to take the product back and replace the LED strip for you, for this we charge 65% of the original purchase price. In case you don't want the product anymore we also take it back and facilitate recycling for you.

Recycling our products. When you decide to dispose the product we will make sure the recycling process goes as smooth as possible. Our products are designed so the materials can be easily separated which makes it much easier to recycle. You can send the product to us and we dismantle the item, reuse what we can and recycle what is left. We also added clear recycling instructions on the box of our product so you can also easily dispose of it yourself.

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