what can a neon light do for your business?

Neon is eye-catching, it is guaranteed to draw the attention of your customers. LED neon is even more bright than traditional neon. The attention grabbing effect can be used to convey a message. The design freedom of LED neon makes it particularly suited to help your branding strategy. We can make a neon logo for your business or for instance a custom neon text to accentuate your brand persona. Either pick one of our existing designs in the shop or contact us for a personalised neon sign.

We offer not only acrylic backplanes but also recycled plastic sheets in an array of different colors, this makes our neon lights even shine when they're turned off. Click here for an overview of these sheets. arrow_outward

How you can use neon lights in your business. You can use our products to either guide a potential customer to your store or to navigate or educate an existing customer. Stand out from a crowded space and make your potential customers in one blink of an eye know what type of business you are. When a customer is inside your business you can also use it to guide them for instance to the cash register or educate where the restrooms are located. The possibilities are endless. We have plenty of artworks in our assortment that can help you with your business goals. But also don’t hesitate to contact us for a custom solution. We’re happy to advise you and think along how our personalised neon signs can help your business.

Set a mood with an LED neon sign. Our products are particularly well suited to convey a playful message. One way to do this is to create a neon wall with a curated selection of neon signs. Or portray an inside joke on one of your walls. The effect this has is not only limited to your customers but also may set a mood that your employees can enjoy.

Depending on your situation different colored lighting may influence the mood in your space as well. Warmer colors set a more relaxing mood while colder colors set an activating mood. We advise you to keep this in consideration when deciding on your neon light.

You can buy our products guilt free. We can assure you we offer the most sustainable neon products on the market. We offer the use of recycled materials where possible, extend the product lifespan with repairs, and take joint responsibility for recycling our products.

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