What can a neon light do for your interior?

In this article we'll breakdown what a neon light can do for your interior.

LED neon lights come best to life as wall decoration in an informal space. The colorful light and playful design can set a unique atmosphere to such a room.

Neon is particularly suited to set an ambiance. It is known that through lighting you can influence mood. Researchers found that you can calm anxious elderly by exposing them to cozy warm lights and can induce a level of alertness by exposure to an activating ambiance with bright blue and white light (1). We can use this knowledge to our advantage and decide which neon colors will help in setting the right mood to a space.

We offer not only acrylic backplanes but also recycled plastic sheets in an array of different colors, this makes our neon lights even shine when they're turned off. Click here for an overview of these sheets. arrow_outward

Below we provide inspiration for how to decorate 5 spaces with our neon signs.

garage decoration

A garage often has a dark and uninspiring look and could benefit from some gleaming neon light to make it more cozy. We have several neon designs that fit well as garage decoration. We also have a template that we can customize with a name. This can be a fun sustainable gift to give or receive. If you have your own ideas you can always contact us without obligations for a complete custom design, we could for instance make a neon light of the car or motorcycle of the garage owner, this fits as a unique and eye-catching garage decoration. Some of our existing designs below.

gaming room decoration

Neon lights are the perfect game room decoration. It can give this futuristic aesthetic to an interior that matches well with gaming. We have several neon designs that flourish as gaming room decoration, in addition we offer custom text neon signs. You can also always contact us without obligation for a complete custom design, we are curious what creative ideas you come up with. 

children's room decoration

We have a large selection of neon signs that are fun children’s room decorations. Pick your color and decide what mood you want to set in their room, create a cozy or energetic setting. Whether your child is a paleontologist-to-be, a future Tony Stark or a forthcoming astronomer, we got a neon sign that will light up their room and let their imagination run freely. We also offer custom text, or can make a complete custom neon design. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will find you a suitable children's room decoration.

holiday home decoration

Warm neon light can set a relaxing mood which makes it an ideal holiday home decoration. Enhance your time off with your friends and family with our neon lights. We have a large selection of designs that fit well as holiday home decoration, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for we can also make a custom design. Our selection consists of neon signs that are tropical, festive, food related or incorporate elements of nature such as animals and many more. Whether you want to bring tropical vibes to your beach house interior or emphasize nature in your cottage we got you covered.

kitchen decoration

We offer many neon designs that fit well as kitchen decoration and restaurant decoration. See some of our food related decorative lights below or go to our shop to see more, you can use our filter system to select your interests.

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