Light up your party with our party decorations

We can’t think of a better party decoration than LED neon lighting. We have a large selection of festive themed artworks that are guaranteed to set a mood at your next party.

We offer not only acrylic backplanes but also recycled plastic sheets in an array of different colors, this doesn't only make our products sustainable but also give them a unique look. Click here for an overview of these sheets. arrow_outward

rave decoration

We have a large selection of neon signs that will up your next home rave game. We also offer rental of neon walls for events, a curated selection of 10-20 neon signs that are placed on a wall together. Guaranteed to draw attention. You can also contact us for custom rave decoration, we're curious to see what creative ideas you come up with.

wedding decoration

Let your love shine brightly with our neon signs. You can pick a ready made design, below we show a small selection of our offering for more wedding decorations go to our online shop. In the Netherlands and Belgium we offer rental options on selected designs. You can also contact us for a custom neon light featuring your initials or a heartfelt message that symbolizes your unique journey together. Our unique wedding decorations are sure to set a mood!

bachelorette party decoration

Set the mood on this special day with an eye-cathing neon sign. We have a large selection of designs, or opt for a custom piece. You're sure to get everybody in party-mode with our bachelorette decorations. See some of our selection below or go to our shop for out entire catalogue. In selected regions (Netherlands and Belgium) we also offer rental options. This will guaranteed impress the bride-to-be.

baby shower decoration

With our selection of baby shower decorations you're sure to set a festive vibe. Set the mood for celebrating the upcoming newborn with our sustainable neon baby shower decorations.

theme party decoration

We offer many neon designs that will light up your next party. Whether you need decoration for a Mexican theme party or a magician's night, we got you covered. Get in touch with us if you have an idea for a custom neon sign for your theme party.

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